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Mailmoa 1.5

Mailmoa is a system tray based e-mail notification utility that supports unlimited POP3 accounts and shows all the mail content for all the different accounts fast without mouse clicking (Quick View function). With Mailmoa, you can handle your e-mail...

Gekus & Igori Mail Check

Gekus & Igori Mail Check 1.00.00 beta

Gekus & Igori Mail Check lets you check new mail waiting in any of your POP accounts. Mail checker can recognize Base64, UTF-8 an UTF-7 coding, has multilanguage interface, and can notify you by playing melodies (including user defined) on PC Speaker...


wCheckMail 1.0

wCheckMail is an utility that lives in your system tray and checks email periodically. It can check multiple accounts. When new mail arrives the program can play a sound and yon can start your mail reader if by clicking with your right double click o...

WM Mail@Mate

WM Mail@Mate 2.1.0

WM Mail@Mate is an advanced e-mail notification tool for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Client and other MAPI compliant e-mail programs, that does much more than just tell you when you have received new mail. It delivers new messages to...

Inxision POPAgent 2000

Inxision POPAgent 2000 1.1

Inxision POPAgent is a small utility, which enables you to view your complete internet mail at a single point. With Inxision POPAgent you keep your internet mail always in view. Notification on receiving new mails. Unlimited number of POP3-accounts. ...


IdiotLight98 1.2

Blink your choice of Keyboard lights on new e-mail.

Talking E-mail

Talking E-mail 3.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 5.7 KB

A highly customizable, super cool E-mail notifier that enablesyou to listen to your incoming messages as they arrive, via animated cartoon characters. It includes a built-in configuration wizard that will have you 'listening' to your E-mail in no tim...

Fundi e-Lert

Fundi e-Lert 1.1

An award-winning program that keeps an eye on your e-mail accounts and alerts you when you have new mail. It is smalland fast, yet powerful enough to handle any number of e-mail accounts. The program is a snap to install and use - and it's free.

MailAssistant Lite

MailAssistant Lite 1.3

A stripped down version of MailAssistant without the multimedia enhancements. Its small size helps you to evaluate it quickly but you can upgrade it without any extra fee to support text to speech and animation. It can be scheduled to check your acco...


MailAlert 2.31

This small taskbar utility for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 notifies you when you receive e-mail without leaving your large mail program always running. You can customize MailAlert to play different sounds, show movie clips, or run any program based on t...

WebMail Alert

WebMail Alert 1.39

Will monitor any number of web-based email sites such as HotMail or MailCity and will alert you when new mail messages are detected. WebMail Alert runs as a background application and places an icon in your Taskbarls notification tray to allow you to...


Speak! 0.8

A Eudora Pro Email plugin that uses Microsoft Agent to automatically announce new messages using a speech synthesizer and animated character. As a new message is received, the character will pop up and read who the message is from and the subject. Di...


PIP 1.4.0

A Pop3 Email Checker, track your email from anywhere on the Internet! Let PIP do all the work while you concentrate on more important tasks. Hide it in the System Tray and keep your taskbar free for other programs to run.

ESP Mail Check

ESP Mail Check 2.0

  • Shareware
  • 10.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 2.1 KB

Notifies you of new POP3 and Web-based email. Supported Web-based services include: Hotmail, Rocketmail, EudoraMail, MailExcite, Angelfire, MailCity, ZDNetMail, and NetAddress. Supports an unlimited number of POP3 and Web-based accounts. Dial-Up Netw...

POPIt Mail Notifier PLUS

POPIt Mail Notifier PLUS 1.86

A small and easy to use mail notification tool for multiple mailboxes. A separate icon for each maildrop monitored (up to 10) is displayed in the Taskbay tray. Dial-Up Networking, audible, visual or program launch notifications can be configured. InstaScan(TM) displays the message headers. InstaView(TM) lets you view, save, print and delete any message. SPAM-X(TM) Anti-SPAM tool filters out SPAM junk mail. Use InstaReply(TM) to reply to a message or InstaNote(TM) to send a quick note. MIME 1.0 attachment compliant. Highly configurable and simple to use.